Picture Perfect Parenting

I took a cute snap the other day. A beautiful snapshot of brother and sister playing together. It was perfect. It looked perfect. The photo speaks a thousand words: lucky; blessed; love; perfect; family; wonderful. That photo shows no stress, a loving relationship and how lucky I am to witness this and live it every day. It shows my life at home with two kids under two is easy.

I took a cute snap the other day. A beautiful ‘snapshot’ of brother and sister not fighting for toys or screaming for me. It portrays a lovely moment. That photo speaks a thousand words with what it represents. It was less than a 30 second snapshot in an otherwise fraught morning filled with breakfast thrown, tired screams and me; unshowered for 3 days, soaked in snot, dribble and breast milk, desperately trying to get the ironing done.  They wouldn’t leave me alone, had interrupted me trying to clean up thirty two times in the space of an hour but I didn’t take that picture. It speaks a thousand words with what it doesn’t show. It doesn’t show the mess of our house or the tiredness in my face because they’ve both decided naps are for wimps. 

Social media is a damaging forum that creates a competitive streak in parents. Whether you like it or not we’re all in competition. Judgement is around every corner. That mum you met at play group has done structured play with her 20 month old four times this week, what have you done? The dad you met at baby massage is on another trip to yet another farm with his little ones giving them life experience and a chance to learn. The grandma you often chat with at the soft play has baked muffins this week with her grandchild. What have you done? Survived? Managed to wash your hair? Got through a day without shouting? Good for you! 

These snapshots of perfection and #family goals are quite simply that snapshots, we don’t see the truth about anyone’s lives. We don’t see before or after that photo. We see what people chose to show. Would you chose to show your real morning? Would you spend 10 minutes trying to get the perfect sibling photo on a day out just to capture a good memory? We all do it, we all maybe need to think about the impact of our #blessed #perfectmoment photos. Keep some perspective when scrolling through social media, what do those pictures show?

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