Tantrum Central

We thought we’d go for a walk today.

We thought it would be fun.

We thought it would be nice bonding time as a family.

We were wrong.

The local shopping centre is less than a 15 minute stroll from our house. It was a dry, bright and only slightly windy afternoon, perfect for a family walk to pick up some bits and bobs and get some fresh air.

We made the ‘wise’ decision to allow Jacob to walk, run, or be carried rather than be strapped in the pram. Daddy is his favourite, so whenever Daddy is around we always have trouble with the pram. Naturally it’s more fun to be chased and tickled rather than travel in the lap of luxury.

The walk there was lovely, bird spotting, running, playing. All fun and games. The trip back was somewhat difficult.

Asda, apparently is akin to the soft play area in Jacobs mind. He lost it when he couldn’t push Matilda around, in her pram, unattended. Everything after that went downhill. He screamed, and screamed and screamed. We left.

He screamed some more, he pointed at the shop, he sobbed and pointed again. He wanted to return. Tough.

We ignored him and simply carried him to the library, a short pit stop in an attempt to distract him from the trauma of leaving Asda. It worked. Hurrah!

It worked for 10 minutes. We had to leave the library, then we had to walk through the shopping centre, we had to leave there too.

The poor boy’s coat was covered in tears and snot. I recall muttering ‘the pram would have come in handy’. Annoyingly, we didn’t have the time to amble back and indulge his screams, we had to get home, get tea on, people to see, places to go and all that.

Eventually we managed to cajole him into walking with Roy through the woods. I’d head back with the sleeping Matilda (how she did it through the noise I’ll never know!)

What we learnt:

1) Always take both seats for the pram.

2) Invest in ear defenders (adult size).

3) Don’t enjoy family activities.

4) Always allocate 3 hours more than you need.


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