Jakub: The Unsuccessful Match

Among many of my #sadventures (trademark pending) includes a foray into the world of matchmaking. Here’s some backstory. I know how you all love my extensive forays into backstories...  In summer of 2016, I signed up for Tawkify, a modern matchmaking service. Now, I priced them out and realized that, unfortunately, using their actual matchmaking … Continue reading Jakub: The Unsuccessful Match

Confidence as a mum

Confidence has always been something I have struggled with.  Largely, I've never really had much. As far back as I can remember I've had fairly low self esteem, from school, through college, university and work.  I know why, you don't need to know why, but there you go. This lack of confidence in ones self … Continue reading Confidence as a mum

Career Talk: The Truth Behind How I Became a Professional Writer

I received my undergrad degree the summer of 2008. By October, the Great Recession hit hard. Rather than sit around waiting for a job to find me, I enrolled in graduate school, foolishly believing that with a Master’s degree (in an academic subject, no less), I would walk into a fantastic career job when I … Continue reading Career Talk: The Truth Behind How I Became a Professional Writer

Nate: The Drunken Shit Show

When I was in my mid-twenties, I was still living at home with my mom. Working full-time at Disneyland...and definitely stirring up trouble with my friends at the local bars. I met Nate at the Orange County equivalent of The Dresden from Swingers, but not as cool. I was with friends; he was with friends. … Continue reading Nate: The Drunken Shit Show

Picture Perfect Parenting

I took a cute snap the other day. A beautiful snapshot of brother and sister playing together. It was perfect. It looked perfect. The photo speaks a thousand words: lucky; blessed; love; perfect; family; wonderful. That photo shows no stress, a loving relationship and how lucky I am to witness this and live it every … Continue reading Picture Perfect Parenting

20 Years of Dating… and I’m Still Going.

Allow myself to introduce… myself: I’m Ashley. Shameless “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” quote stealer. California native. Mid-thirties singleton. Serial dater. That last one is what we’re going to be talking about today. And going forward. As Rhi put it when she gave me this opportunity to write for MM “you pick your beat … Continue reading 20 Years of Dating… and I’m Still Going.